In 1971, THK was established in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, under its first name, Toho Seiko Co., Ltd.


Hiroshi Teramachi established Toho Seiko Co., Ltd., in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. The company started selling parts for machine tools, link balls, LM rollers, and LM balls.

Toho Seiko started selling its main products, LM Guides and ball splines.Toho Seiko took over Nisshin Seisakusho Co., Ltd., and began operating the new acquisition as its Tokyo factory.

THK CO., LTD., was established by a joint investment between Toho Seiko and Miyairi Valve Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Toho Seiko acquired the manufacturing department of THK CO., LTD., and began operating it as its Kofu plant.Toho Seiko started manufacturing and selling ball screws.

With a change in the face value of its shares (from 500 yen to 50 yen per share), Toho Seiko was taken over by THK CO.,LTD. (a pro forma merging corporation). The plants of Toho Seiko continued operation as THK's Nagoya and Osaka plants.

The company's trading name was re-established as THK CO., LTD.

THK Yasuda Co., Ltd. (currently THK NIIGATA CO., LTD., currently a consolidated subsidiary), was established in Yasuda-cho (currently Agano City), Kitakanbara-gun, Niigata Prefecture, by joint investment between THK CO., LTD., and Samon Kogyosho CO., LTD.

THK co-founded the CNTIC-THK Service Center in Beijing, China, with National Technical Import & Export Corporation (China) and Beijing Numerical Control Technical Development Center (China).